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Chanel Talk Replica Shoes and Handbags

CHANEL black patent leather handbags was an online seller of replica shoes, shoulder bags and totes. There were a variety of replica shoes for sale in nine categories: replica Chanel boots, flats, pumps, slippers, sneakers, ankle boots, and sneaker boots. The knockoff retailer is no longer accessible at It is not possible to acquire replica items at this online site.

Replicas are fakes manufactured and distributed illegally by international criminal enterprises around the world. Selling replicas is illegal. The manufacturing and distribution of replicas is also illegal. Online shopping websites selling replicas are widespread, disregarding many laws governing counterfeiting. When apprehended, counterfeiters are faced with fines, civil judgments, or even jail. Counterfeiters of luxury goods are often linked to many other criminal activities such as fraud, money-laundering, identity theft and terrorism. In many instances, the profits from selling illegal goods bankroll many of such illegal activities.

The former owners of were held to have been selling counterfeit and replica Chanel shoes and handbags through this web address, pursuant to a Judgement and Order the U.S. District for the Southern District of Florida. The decision of the Court resulted in having the domain name,, taken way and damages of $792,000 to be paid by the former replica store owners.