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We here at CHANEL TALK AND INFORMATION are here to celebrate the CHANEL experience, and to help point online shoppers in the right direction, to provide guidelines before a buy, and to encourage everyone to tell friends and loved ones of the negative repercussions of the replica.

The online presence of replica stores often impedes the ability of consumers to reach authorized retailers. If not careful, consumers could get duped at an online Chanel outlet making promises that they are often not capable of keeping. Furthermore, the detriments and ill effects of the replica trade has caused a universal need to raise awareness among all online shoppers, and shoppers in general.

Authentic CHANEL

You can experience CHANEL only by having a genuine piece. Whether it's a CHANEL bag, watch, sunglasses or a pair of shoes, authentic CHANEL can only be found at the CHANEL boutiques and at the official website of CHANEL,

More information about replicas and more is available at

The former owners of were held to have been selling counterfeit and replica Chanel shoes and handbags through this web address, pursuant to a Judgement and Order the U.S. District for the Southern District of Florida. The decision of the Court resulted in having the domain name,, taken way and damages of $792,000 to be paid by the former replica store owners.